This is a national, two-phased, design competition open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The first phase will determine qualifications and will result in a shortlist of a minimum of three finalist teams; the second phase will involve the development of design concepts, for which there will be a paid honorarium, after which a winning proposal will be selected.

The design team must be composed of a minimum of one professional artist partnered with a landscape architect or architect.

The minimum budget for this project, including design, fabrication, insurance, transportation, construction, and installation, is $660,000, plus applicable taxes.

A jury of artists, design professionals, and construction trades representatives, as well as advisors from the National Capital Commission (NCC) and Canadian Heritage (PCH), has been assembled for this competition.

The monument unveiling is anticipated for May, 2017, and will be part of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Phase 1: Request for Qualifications (Closed)

The jury will select a minimum of three finalists based on:

  • team qualifications
  • previous relevant experience
  • innovation, clarity and relevance of the concept note

Phase 2: Request for Proposals (Closed)

The shortlisted finalist teams will be commissioned to create a detailed project plan and maquette, which they will present to the selection jury in December, 2015. The winning team will be selected after the presentation and subsequent deliberation.

The shortlisted finalist teams will:

  • receive an honorarium of $5,000, plus GST and an allowance for travel
  • attend a mandatory site visit in Ottawa during which they will meet those involved in the project; have an opportunity to review the Terms of Reference for Phase two in detail and ask questions
  • develop a detailed budget
  • prepare a detailed production schedule
  • create presentation materials including a maquette of the monument in situ
  • Return to Ottawa to present their design to members of the public, the selection jury, and the NCC’s Advisory Committee on Property Design Realty (ACPDR)

Important considerations:

Experts in conservation, engineering, and costing will review the finalist designs and provide comments to the jury. The jury will also receive comments from the public and ACPDR. The jury will make its final decision and recommendation to CBTU and to the NCC Board of Directors.