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Submission Guidelines

Submissions must include:

  • Concept note (two pages maximum)
  • Curriculum vitae for each team member (two pages maximum)
  • Professional references (three minimum)
  • Up to 10 images of previous relevant projects with descriptions
  • (optional) links to websites that feature prior work

Note: teams will be invited to submit proposals via Dropbox. Please send us an email indicating your intent to submit to:

Please refer to this website for periodic updates.

The selection jury will review and score submissions based on criteria as outlined in the Finalist Phase.

Detailed Requirements

  • Concept note: describe the team’s concept, summarizing how the idea was arrived at and why it is relevant and appropriate for this project; explain why your team is interested in this opportunity and how your team can rise to the challenge to create a meaningful work that reflects the values outlined in this RFQ; explain the role and expertise of each team member, identify one point-of-contact for the team, and describe how the team will work together.
  • (Note: the concept note is not a full proposal and does not need to contain specific or comprehensive information, as the concept may need to be altered to accommodate certain restrictions within the terms of reference distributed at the next stage. Shortlisted design teams will also receive the NCC’s Urban Design Guidelines, which will help inform the development of proposals. The concept note may include images, if deemed relevant to the design team and stays within the two-page limit, but this is not a requirement.)
  • Curriculum vitae: include all relevant experience and professional affiliations to provide the selection jury with a thorough understanding of each team member’s suitability to the project
  • Professional references: include names and contact information for a minimum of three references (at least one for each team member); these should be individuals who have worked with team members on prior projects as identified in the RFQ

No more than 10 images of previous relevant projects, in total, with relevant information:

  • team member name
  • project title
  • date completed
  • budget
  • location
  • materials
  • dimensions

Describe the team member’s role in the project and the roles of all other collaborators.

Image specifications: high resolution images (300 dpi maximum) should be provided in one of the following formats:

  • jpg (preferred)
  • tiff
  • gif

Labelling specifications: documentation should be tagged as follows:

  • CBTU_[team lead]_[document types


  • CBTU_Smith_conceptnote
  • CBTU_Smith_CV1
  • CBTU_Smith_imagelist